Evangeline had her first experience with ODS when she first entered kindergarten. We thought it would be a great opportunity for her to play sports after-school with some of her peers, while getting the additional support she needed through the peer buddy volunteers that ODS provides. While the ODS staff was incredibly supportive and her peer buddies worked diligently to engage her, unfortunately, she didn't quite buy into the idea of playing soccer and finished that season grumbling through each practice. It was clear that it wasn't the right time for her.

However, fast forward to last winter. Evangeline was in second grade and had recently shown a bit of interest in watching a neighborhood teenager play basketball. Immediately, we wanted to sign her up for a program where we could expand her interests in basketball and other sports. ODS was the perfect place for her to learn with coaches and volunteers that would not only have knowledge of the sport, but also the patience and understanding that she would need in order to have a chance at success. This time, Evangeline LOVED her time with ODS, looking forward to the weekly sessions. Even though she didn't know any of the other students, she was still excited to talk to her older helpers every week. The positive atmosphere really gave her all the support she needed to feel good about her abilities. And she LEARNED! She learned how to dribble, complete bounce passes, and even made some baskets! We were so thrilled for Evangeline to have her first experience playing sports with others and have her potential realized on the court! We look forward to the day that she can play again with ODS and continue to expand her interests and abilities in sports! - Betty Kim, Evangeline's mom

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