Matthew’s began playing with Open Door Sports a few years ago. I wanted him to have an after-school sports experience and thought this was the perfect opportunity to explore. This would be his first sport in a group setting and transitions and new experiences were difficult for him, especially after a long day at school.

When he first started there were many mornings at home and afternoons at school that Matthew was adamant about not playing. However, he always attended, but sometimes participation wasn’t his thing. Even though this was the case, his buddy still encouraged him and he was always made to feel like part of the group.

Matthew’s peer buddy and the coaches were patient when he was focused on something other than soccer. They encouraged him to participate in the drills and warm up. They cheered him on when he made his first goal. The big smile on Matthew’s face when he was being cheered on, confirmed my hopes - that ODS soccer had become something that Matthew looked forward to doing every week.

With every new soccer season, Matthew’s participation, confidence and enjoyment has increased! We’re very lucky to have ODS at our elementary school. - Lisa Price, Matthew’s Mom

With your help, ODS can continue to give kids like Matthew the time they need to become comfortable in this new setting and grow in their confidence and enjoyment on the field.